Manet: The Influence of the Modern Influence of the Modern (Discoveries)
by Francoise Cachin
Price:   $12.95

Manet, Monet, and the Gare Saint-Lazare
by Juliet Wilson-Bareau
Price:   $55.00

  Edouard Manet: Rebel in a Frock Coat
by Beth Archer Brombert
Price:   $13.97

  Manet: Le dejeuner sur l'herbe  
by Edouard Manet, Federico Zeri, Marco Dolcetta
Price:   $14.95


  Manet's Modernism: Or, the Face of_Painting in the1860's
by Michael Fried
Price:   $55.00

Manet, édition bilingue (in French or English)
de Ronald Pickvance
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